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Product Information
Are the bathroom cabinets fully assembled?
  Yes, you won't need an engineering degree and 8 hours of spare time for these vanities.
Are the cabinets manufactured in Canada?
  No, they come from China and Vietnam, as do most of the products you’ll find in the big box stores.
Are the faucets and bath/shower fixtures approved for Canada?
  Yes, all faucets, shower heads, drains and other plumbing fixtures are cUPC approved.  This means that they will pass inspection.
Vanity Installation Guide
This guide provides information on installing your vanity, drawer removal, sink attachment, drain installation and information on hanging the mirror. Click here for the Vanity Installation Guide
What are the vanities made of?
  All vanities are made from Indonesian Rubber Wood. They do not contain any mdf of particle board.
What is the warranty? products carry a 3 year warranty. This includes all bathroom vanities, sinks, linen cabinets, mirrors, heated towel bars, backlit mirrors and bathroom accessories. If, under normal use and after proper installation by a licensed professional, a product should have defects then modernbathrooms will provide FREE OF CHARGE the parts necessary to resolve the issue. Proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

This warranty covers the replacement of all defective parts and finishes. However, damage due to installation error, product abuse or misuse, or use of cleaners containing abrasives, alcohol or other organic solvents, are excluded from this warranty. will not be responsible for labor charges incurred in the installation, repair or replacement of any products.

Why are your vanities so inexpensive?
  We always ask ourselves why everyone else is so expensive.  The answer to that is simple. They have nicer showrooms, costly advertising and high staffing expenses.  We have a cheap warehouse, rely a lot on referrals and using lower cost advertising options.